Welcome to All Nigeria United Nations Student and Youth Association (ANUNSA). ANUNSA is a student and youth association that is devoted to promoting the goals of the United nations through its aanunsaLOGO22activities which includes seminars, training, workshops and special projects. We create awareness about United Nations and its Activities in Nigeria especially among Nigerian youths. We also collaborate with UN Agencies like UNIC to further the course of United Nations in Nigeria. Being a part of ANUNSA makes you a part of global movement of
youths making a difference and impacting the world. Join us today if you have not joined.
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Featured Programs

A special conference devoted to promoting the SDGs in Nigeria through lectures, debates and deliberations. SDC brings together intellectuals and Academicians to discus sustainable development as it relates to Africa and Nigeria in particular. Participants leave the conference well informed on relevant SDG issues.
An initiative from the office of the Executive president of ANUNSA, My dream Nigeria project is designed to get young people from across Nigeria to deliberate and suggest their idea of the Nigeria they dream of. This will lead to policy suggestions and possible road maps to attaining sustainable development in Nigeria. Reports from this National exercise will then be forwarded to the relevant authorities in the Nigeria government for consideration.
It is through that the global language now is the SDGs and that nations of the world gathered in france to adopt the SDGs sometimes 2015. However beyond the rhetoric their is need for piratical and traceable impact of the goals. A case for the SDG is a research project designed to follow up the progress of the SDG at the grassroots and document its impact. This will enable policy makers to know what needs to be done for the SDGs impact to be felt at the grassroots level.
United Nation Education for Secondary School Students UNESS, is a program designed to educate secondary school students about the United Nation and its objectives. Furthermore this program also intimates the student with the sustainable development goals and how it affects them.

Featured Training Programs

International organisation management is course designed for youth and anyone aspiring to build a career in any international organisation. Its designed to teach participants the subject such as International leadership, understanding international organisations the UN system and much more.
The subject of peace is a focus of global conversation. Leaders across the world meet often to find lasting peaceful resolutions to crisis raging in different parts of the world. Peace and conflict resolution is a training designed to train future and current leaders on the subject of peace, its importance and the best practices in conflict management and resolution.
The United Nations is an international organization whose activities affect every nation in the world and as such every human in the world. However, many people do not understand the United Nations system. This training is designed to teach participants about the UN, its various organs, activities and operations.

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Upcoming Programs and Events

As part of efforts of the current administration to bring more Nigeria Youths and students into ANUNSA, the National Executives will be opening new chapters of ANUNSA in various schools across Nigeria some of which Include LEED City University Ibadan, University of Ilorin Kwara state, Osun state University Plateau state University Platuea state. New members will also be getting inducted in existing chapters like UNN
In commemoration of this year’s International Day of Peace, a global observance day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples, the All-Nigeria United Nations Students’ and Youth Association (ANUNSA) presents “PHOTO FOR PEACE” (a photography exhibition and lecture). The theme of the event is “Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace – Photography As A Tool.”

UN Volunteer

Learn more about UN Youth volunteer program here

UN Report On Youth

Prepared by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the World Youth Report on Youth Civic Engagement explores young people’s participation in economic, political and community life, responding to growing interest in, and an increased policy focus on, youth civic engagement in  read more

ANUNSA Volunteer Corps

ANUNSA Volunteer Corp is the organ of ANUNSA saddled with the responsibility of carrying out ANUNSA volunteer projects nationwide. You can click here to join.

Career At The UN

A career at the UN is a great opportunity that many young and  aspiring diplomats seeks to have. You will find useful information here on how to do that.

Pre-Inauguration Registration

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ANUNSA National Congress…Celebrity Stand For SDGs 3rd of March 2017